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New Housing Price index. Canada 15:30 (GMT+2)


At 15:30 (GMT+2) the price index for new housing will be published. It is expected that the value of the indicator will remain unchanged at the level of 0.0%. The index reflects the dynamics of prices for new homes. The growth rate contributes to the strengthening of the CAD. The decline, on the contrary, puts pressure on the CAD.

EUR/USD: general review


Today, the pair continues to grow moderately due to progress in US-China trade relations and positive news from Italy. China resumed the purchase of American soybeans.

ECB Interest Rate Decision. Eurozone, 14:45 (GMT+2)


At 14:45 (GMT+2) the ECB’s decision on the interest rate will be published. It is expected that the value of the indicator will remain unchanged at 0.00%. Based on the current economic situation and on the level of inflation, the ECB makes a decision on the interest rate. The growth rate strengthens the EUR. If the rate stays the same or drops, then the EUR exchange rate decreases.

Alphabet Inc. (GOOG/NASD): general review


Shares of Alphabet Inc. decreased by 2.82% since the end of November and are currently traded with a 6.4% premium against the November three-month minimum. The emitter's quotes have lost more than 16% from the July 52-week high.

WTI Сrude Oil: downtrend will follow consolidation


Over the past few weeks, WTI has been trading in a narrowing sideways channel. It is worth noting that even the data from the US Department of Energy on the reduction of active drilling rigs and the extension of the OPEC+ agreement did not affect the price. In this situation, there is only one question: in which direction should we expect a breakdown? Either we will see further reduction in oil prices, or a gradual recovery.

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