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Nov 6, 2019, 6:00:00 PM

Update of the Tifia Social Trading system

Dear traders and investors, Following numerous requests, we have done some housekeeping to improve our Social Trading system. 1. Copy-trading may now be performed only between accounts of the same type Trades copying will now be available only for the same account types (applies to new created accounts). This will eliminate the possibility of slippage when copying trades. We will not enforce this new rule to existing accounts already engaged in trade copying. To eliminate slippage, investors can make their own decision about switching to another account type to correspond to the account type of the trader they have chosen. To continue copying the selected Trader: stop copying on your current account; open a new investor account of the same type as your trader; deposit funds to your new account or transfer funds to it via internal transfer; find your trader in the ranking and start copying to your new account. To start copying a new Trader: stop copying on your current account if you have one; select a trader from the ranking with the same type of account as yours; start copying.   2. REWARD accounts have been added Please note that rollovers are now executed in REWARD accounts and not in traders’ accounts. This innovation is necessary for optimizing the procedure of settlement payments for traders and investors.   3. Update in the procedure of trader’s account disabling and rollover From now on, a trader’s account may be disabled only after the trades copied onto investors’ accounts have been closed. The same rule applies to rollovers. It will allow you to receive a commission as a percentage of the profits made by your investors in a more efficient way.   4. The trader’s minimum account balance is now $100 Traders must warrant the minimum account balance for being able to provide trades for copying. This innovation will increase potential investors’ confidence and traders’ responsibility for their trading strategies and trading risks.   We always aim to improve our systems and satisfy the requests of our clients in order to make their Tifia experience even more convenient and profitable. Best regards, Tifia Technical Department     

Oct 18, 2019, 12:00:00 PM

Possible changes in margin requirements due to UK Parliament Commons’ sessions on October 19, 2019

Dear clients, Please note that the most important Commons’ sessions of the UK Parliament are scheduled for this Saturday, October 19. Financial markets are awaiting a decision regarding the Brexit deal that Boris Johnson has secured in Brussels with notable changes to the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and Political declaration. The House of Commons Library has published a useful guide on various Brexit scenarios, which can be found below: Due to the uncertainty around the Brexit deal, there is a possibility of high trading risks, connected with the possible sharp increase in volatility in the European currency and stock markets. Please be aware that in connection with the market uncertainty, our liquidity providers may increase margin requirements. In this case, Tifia will have to make corresponding changes in margin requirements for the following instruments: all currency pairs with EUR; all currency pairs with GBP; stock indexes FTSE, CAC, FDAX, SX5E, IBEX35. There is also a high probability of spread increases and price gaps for the instruments specified above. Please consider this information when making trading decisions on the instruments specified above. Tifia would like to remind clients to ensure accounts are fully funded as we head into this event and recommend all GBP and EUR positions are closely monitored during this period. Best regards, Tifia