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Jan 9, 2019, 7:58:13 AM

New year, new start!

Dear clients and partners! Let's summarize the results of 2018 that will help us on the way to even greater achievements in the coming year: - In 2018, Tifia provided service to 139,926 clients from 187 countries. - Tifia launched trading in more than 20 cryptocurrency pairs. - In 2018, Tifia processed and cover more than 10 million transactions with a total volume of more than $100,000,000,000. - Tifia partners received commissions worth more than $2,5 million for 2018. - Tifia traders earned over $26 million in 2018. - Tifia successfully expanded to new markets and acquired new clients from new regions, such as Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Botswana, South Africa, Morocco, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Poland. - Tifia opened new offices in China, Brunei, Vietnam, South Africa, and Botswana. The Tifia team is always striving to provide services at the highest level and please its clients with a variety of promotions. In 2018, over $450,000 were allocated to marketing campaigns for Tifia clients. - Tifia held 3 stages of the IB CHALLENGE competition for partners, each of them featuring the main prize - a YAMAHA NMAX ABS motorbike, as well as LENOVO and SAMSUNG gadgets. The purpose of this competition is to raise competitive spirit in our partners and celebrate the best of them with valuable prizes. - On Ramadan in 2018, we invited our Malaysian traders to unite for a charitable mission and participate in charity events helping children in need. All the traders needed to do was trade with a profit that month and donate 30% of the profit money. Plus Tifia made a donation 0.3 pips from each transaction from its own funds to help the children. - The end of the year was marked by the drawing of more than 80 prizes to the lucky winners of the СHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY. - And of course, in the last days of December, Tifia drew the main prize of 2018 - FERRARI 488 GTB, as well as five additional prizes for the participants of the campaign. The winners of the campaign are traders from different countries, and a trader from China got the main prize. We are doing our absolute best to ensure the highest quality service on the market, access to deep liquidity and fast and high quality execution, and also to continue to surprise you with exciting promotions. Kind regards, Tifia Broker Team

Dec 26, 2018, 2:15:33 PM

Results of the CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY 2018

Dear clients, The results of the CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY have been summed up and our team is happy to congratulate the winners of the Christmas prize drawing among Tifia clients. Here is the list of our winners! Samsung Galaxy S9 or iPhone X of the winner’s choice goes to: CountryAccountName Indonesia 6057578 JENNY WIJAYA Malaysia 6070934 MOHD HASNI BIN AHMAD Samsung Gear S2 Classic smart watch goes to: CountryAccountName Indonesia 6058199 ANDI AWALUDDIN BUCHRI Nigeria 6069055 EMMANUEL ADEDAYO OLULANA Camera drone (quadcopter) goes to: CountryAccountName Malaysia 6070409 NURUL AMIRAH AZIZAN Malaysia 6068882 MOHAMAD ADHAA BIN ZAKARIA Malaysia 6071124 MUHAMMAD HAFIZ BIN ZAINUDDIN Malaysia 6068718 KHAIRUL IZUAN BIN JAMALULAIL Malaysia 6070075 MOHD AMIRUL AZUWAN BIN ABU KASIM China 6062949 HUANG LI LAN Indonesia 6047105 IWAN RUDIYANTO SH Nigeria 6058529 BABAJIDE TAIWO Netherlands 6066722 DAMYAN MAHABEER Malaysia 6066055 RATMAH BINTI ZAKARIA JBL Charge 3 wireless portable speaker system goes to: CountryAccountName Malaysia 6069378 NOR LIZA BINTI AWANG Malaysia 6064828 MUSPIRAH NORAINI BINTI MAT ALI Thailand 6005120 KIATISAK KHUANPROM Malaysia 6065833 ESTHER ONG PECK SUAN Malaysia 6069837 MOHAMMAD ADIB BIN NASRUDDIN Malaysia 6053512 MAHIZU ADZHA BIN MOHAMMAD Malaysia 6070901 MUHAMAD FAUZI BIN MAHMOD Malaysia 6071457 MOHD AMIRUL AZUWAN BIN ABU KASIM Thailand 6062774 ANUN SRIBOONSUK Malaysia 6060378 MOHAMMAD ABDUL QASTALANI BIN ABDUL RAZAK Malaysia 6070567 NORIKHSAN BIN PUNGUT Brunei 6065877 MUHAMAD AKMAL HAMIZAN SHAH BIN HAJI SIASGAR Thailand 6006021 CHAIWAT OUPAJAK Malaysia 6070163 AHMAD ZAKWAN BIN SUHAIMI Indonesia 6063300 SABAR IMAN And branded souvenirs from Tifia go to the following participants: CountryAccountName Malaysia 6068839 MOHAMAD AFIQ BIN MOHD TAHIR Malaysia 6061341 ROZILAH MOHAMMAD Malaysia 6067100 CHITHRA VEERASAMY Malaysia 6071460 NUR JEHAN BINTI SIDDIQ Malaysia 6069607 SUFFIAN BIN SABDAN Malaysia 6068553 MOHAMAD NIZAR BIN ISMAIL Malaysia 6069606 AZMAN BIN ISMAIL Malaysia 6066051 SUHAIZA BINTI MD. SAAD Brunei 6069143 JAMAL ULHAIR BIN MOHIN Malaysia 6070484 MOHD AMIRUL AZUWAN BIN ABU KASIM Malaysia 6068378 ACHMAD FUAD ABDILLAH Indonesia 6065750 RICKKY PRIAMBODO Singapore 6070274 TECK KHOON TOH Malaysia 6056127 SALLINAH BINTI SALUDIN Malaysia 6057962 BARTHIRAJA TIYAGARAJA Malaysia 6070797 MUHAMAD FAUZI BIN MAHMOD Malaysia 6070583 ZAINUN BINTI TAMBY Malaysia 6068830 SUFFIAN BIN SABDAN Malaysia 6070056 MOHAMAD SHAIFUDIN BIN ISHAK Malaysia 6068559 MOHD HAFIZ BIN AHMAD Brunei 6065567 MOHAMMAD FAKHRULLAH ANAQI BIN ABDULAHH / ARIFFIN Malaysia 6069685 MUHAMMAD AIMAN BIN ABDULLAH Indonesia 6057634 FRANSISCA GUNAWAN Malaysia 6069970 MOHD AZLI BIN MOHD YUSUFF Malaysia 6070288 HAMDAN BIN OSMAN Malaysia 6068966 SYAHIRAH BINTI SHARUM Malaysia 6070324 MUHAMMAD AIZAT BIN MOHD EHSAN Malaysia 6070259 MOHD AMIRUL AZUWAN BIN ABU KASIM Malaysia 6069247 LOGES A/L TIYAGARAJA Indonesia 6068521 RETNO VIOLINA Malaysia 6069851 IZZATUL RAFHAN BINTI MUSA Malaysia 6068622 MOHD FADZIL BIN MUHAMMAD Malaysia 6056664 YUSRI BIN MOHD IBRAHIM Malaysia 6056424 SALLINAH BINTI SALUDIN Malaysia 6068895 ZULHAFIZI IKMAL BIN AMAN Malaysia 6070330 AZMIZAN BIN MOHD BAHARUDDIN Malaysia 6070842 SUFFIAN BIN SABDAN Malaysia 6070088 SHAMSUDDIN HAMID Malaysia 6068513 NORAZIAH BINTI ABU BAKAR Indonesia 6067505 MADE AGUS NUGRAHA Tanzania 6068238 TIMOTHEO WILLIAM SIMBA Malaysia 6068985 NUR ASYIQIN BINTI HISAMMUDDIN Malaysia 6067699 NUR AMIRAH ADILA BINTI HISAMMUDDIN Malaysia 6069108 SYED ARIF FAHMI BIN SYED ANNUAR Malaysia 6070248 MUHAMAD AUZAIE BIN JAMIL Malaysia 6071127 AIRWAN FAIRUS BIN YAAYAH Malaysia 6068658 MUHAMMAD NABIL AZFAR BIN ABDUL HALIM Malaysia 6070250 MOHD AZHAR BIN ESA Malaysia 6068670 SITI ZAHARAH BINTI EMBONG Malaysia 6068863 MOHD ANIF UBAIDI BIN ABU KASIM We congratulate the winners and wish new achievements and successes to all of our clients!