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Mar 18, 2019, 11:34:20 AM

Tifia contest winner receives his Ferrari

Dear Clients! We are proud to announce that on March 1, 2019, we held a gala dinner in the conference hall of the 4 Seasons Hotel Guangzhou, during which we presented a Ferrari to the contest winner Mr. Wang! We talked to Mr. Wang and asked him to share his excitement: Host: Well, M. Wang, have you already got over the shock? Are you ready to share your emotions about the victory in the contest? Mr. Wang: Huh, I'm still a bit shocked though enough time has already passed since the draw. I still can't believe it happened to me. Now I have to be extremely careful behind the wheel of my new car. I'm a bit afraid of driving it. Host: Tell us how it was, the day of the draw. Mr. Wang: I remember it was Friday. I started checking the site in the afternoon even if I knew the draw was scheduled for 6 pm. I constantly updated the page on my smartphone and tried focusing on my work. But I didn't think I would win. It was just curiosity. Host: Finally, you saw your name and account number on the screen after the lucky number coincided with your coupon. What did you feel at that moment? Mr. Wang: I couldn't believe my eyes. First I thought the winner was my namesake, not me. I didn't remember my account number by heart, so I rushed to check it on my personal space at Tifia. It was an unforgettable hands were trembling. I checked my account number, I understood I was the winner, but I still couldn't believe it. Thank you so much, Tifia! You are really the best broker! I've been your trader for a long time and I truly enjoy the trading conditions. But I've never imagined I'll win a Ferrari. Host: What would you like to wish Tifia’s clients? Mr. Wang: Believe in yourself and your trading strategy! Develop your trading skills. You can earn really good money with a good broker. As for me, I've found my broker. Tifia’s done all they could to make me their fan and client as long as I’m trading in the forex market. Tifia is a broker aiming for a greater success, because our core values are integrity, transparency, and commitment to providing high-quality services and earning opportunities for each trader. Tifia makes Forex trading easy and affordable for everyone. In the future, Tifia plans to expand its presence on the brokerage services market, maintain the highest execution level, introduce new high-tech services and treat its clients to new exciting events. We thank all clients and partners who joined our celebration in Guangzhou, it was unforgettable! We also thank those who participated in our contest throughout the past year. And for those who could not join us at our gala dinner, we have prepared a small photo and video report of the event. Best wishes, Tifia team