Apr 21, 2020, 11:00:00 AM

Oil news: no liquidity and shift to “close only” mode

Dear clients,

Due to the unstable situation in the oil market, we have requested information from our liquidity provider. The current quotes flow is unstable because of lack of liquidity in the oil contracts market.

In order to protect clients, the Tifia team has to suspend opening of new trades in US CRUDE and UK BRENT and introduce the “close only” mode. This mode means that you can close your current oil trades, but new oil trades can’t be opened.

We are observing the market attentively and keep in close contact with our liquidity providers. As soon as the situation gets stable, we will resume oil trading under normal conditions.

We ask you to avoid high-risk decisions and oil trades in this period of instability to protect your investment.

Best regards,
Tifia team

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