Oct 23, 2019, 12:00:00 PM

Changes in Tifia trading hours due to daylight saving time shift

Tifia trading hours will be changed following the upcoming Europe and USA winter time shift

Dear Clients,

Please note that trading hours for currency pairs, oil, metals, and indices will be changed due to daylight saving time winter shift in Europe and the United States.
Europe will switch to winter time on October 27, 2019. The United States will shift to winter time a week later, on November 3, 2019. Regarding this shift, the opening and closing market hours for next trading instruments will be changed from October 27, 2019, till November 3, 2019, according to next tab:

Trading instrument Open time Close time
Forex 00:00 (28.10) Early closing 22:55 (01.11)
Metals Early open 00:05 Early closing 22:55
CFD US indexes Early open 00:05 Early closing 22:15
USCrude Early open 00:05 Early closing 22:55
UKBrent Early open 02:05 Early closing 22:55

* The trading hours are indicated using server time (displayed in the Tifia trading terminal).

Also, kindly note, that Tifia trading server will have a shift to winter time from GMT+3 to GMT+2 on October 27, 2019.

Please, take this information into account when planning your trading.

Best Regards,
Tifia Broker

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