The program duration
from 01.05.2018 to 14.06.2018

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How to participate

Deposit from $100
Trade - the traded volume on your account must be no less than X/100 where X=Deposit - Withdrawal
Do complete verification
Participate in the drawing of Samsung Galaxy S9 and other valuable prizes
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Samsung Galaxy S9

Prize Account # Country
6037935 Malaysia
6043504 Malaysia
6044986 Indonesia

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 HD8

Prize Account # Country
6044616 Indonesia

Amazon Echo Plus

Prize Account # Country
6044711 Malaysia
6044691 Malaysia
6044693 Malaysia
6041430 Malaysia
6044695 Malaysia
6043002 Malaysia
6044778 Indonesia
6044781 Malaysia
6044267 Indonesia
6044222 Indonesia
6043503 Malaysia
6044807 Indonesia
6045220 Indonesia
6045120 Indonesia
6042441 Indonesia
6043659 Indonesia
6044214 Nigeria
6045386 Indonesia
6044203 Indonesia
6044698 Indonesia
6044384 Indonesia

JBL Clip+ Splashproof
Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Prize Account # Country
6044813 Malaysia
6041955 Indonesia
6044575 Malaysia
6044391 Malaysia
6044509 Malaysia
6045196 Malaysia
6045069 Indonesia
6044839 Nigeria
6044837 Nigeria
6044325 Malaysia
6045045 Indonesia
6034358 Malaysia
6039154 Indonesia
6045211 Malaysia
6045179 Brunei
6045483 Malaysia

Branded prizes

Prize Account # Country
6044865 Malaysia
6044177 Malaysia
6044900 Malaysia
6045445 Malaysia
6044670 Malaysia
6023790 Nigeria
6045062 Malaysia
6042168 Malaysia
6043717 Malaysia
6041572 Brunei
6044580 Malaysia
6040718 Brunei
6042969 Brunei
6041583 Brunei
6044770 Malaysia
6043802 Malaysia
6043714 Malaysia
6043852 Malaysia
6043715 Malaysia
6044863 Brunei
6044852 Malaysia
6043571 Indonesia
6044492 Malaysia
6044362 Malaysia
6040789 Malaysia
6045225 Malaysia
6045336 Malaysia
6044777 Malaysia
6045058 Malaysia
6044500 Brunei
6036032 Malaysia
6043593 Malaysia
6043727 Brunei
6044774 Indonesia
6044634 Malaysia
6041372 Brunei
6041108 Brunei
6042881 Brunei
6044690 Malaysia
6044374 Malaysia
6044123 Brunei
6045401 Malaysia
6043409 Malaysia
6044262 Brunei
6044149 Malaysia
6044444 Indonesia
6044968 Malaysia
6044689 Malaysia
6044676 Malaysia
6041584 Brunei
6044805 Malaysia
6018764 Malaysia
6044804 Malaysia
6043019 Malaysia
6044724 Malaysia
6043434 Malaysia
6043621 Malaysia
6044261 Brunei
6045017 Malaysia
6041599 Indonesia
6041694 Malaysia
6044928 Malaysia
6044441 Malaysia
6044957 Indonesia
6044680 Malaysia
6044117 Malaysia
6041294 Brunei
6040380 Malaysia
6040165 Brunei
6040117 Brunei
6044126 Brunei
6042883 Malaysia
6044760 Malaysia
6020565 Indonesia
6044743 Malaysia
6036946 Malaysia
6044289 Malaysia
6041325 Malaysia
6043087 Malaysia
6043963 Malaysia
6044383 Malaysia
6043263 Malaysia
6044166 Malaysia
6045117 Brunei
6044552 Brunei
6044086 Malaysia
6043929 Malaysia
6044358 Malaysia
6036104 Indonesia
6044678 Brunei
6042045 Indonesia
6043886 Malaysia
6044510 Malaysia
6045477 Malaysia
6044430 Brunei
6039700 Malaysia
6044443 Brunei
6042275 Malaysia
6044238 Malaysia
6044735 Malaysia
6043422 Brunei
6045121 Malaysia
6044132 Malaysia
6043412 Brunei
6044759 Brunei
6044501 Malaysia
6044308 Malaysia
6042908 Malaysia
6043729 Malaysia
6044257 Malaysia
6039825 Malaysia
6045233 Malaysia
6044630 Brunei
6044493 Malaysia
6044728 Brunei
6042852 Singapore
6044620 Malaysia
6039474 Malaysia
6045262 Malaysia
6045170 Malaysia
6041159 Malaysia
6045191 Brunei
6044545 Malaysia
6040567 Indonesia
6044285 Malaysia
6044800 Malaysia
6043310 Indonesia
6045364 Malaysia
6045420 Malaysia
6044969 Malaysia
6044402 Brunei
6044376 Nigeria
6045203 Brunei
6044669 Brunei
6042253 Brunei
6044482 Malaysia
6038163 Malaysia
6044248 Malaysia
6044506 Nigeria
6045065 Indonesia
6044090 Indonesia
6044013 Malaysia
6044931 Brunei
6044304 Malaysia
6032306 Malaysia
6044924 Brunei
6044981 Nigeria
6044686 Malaysia
6044554 Brunei
6044653 Malaysia
6044866 Indonesia
6044929 Brunei
6044932 Brunei
6045523 Malaysia
6044879 Malaysia
6044930 Brunei
6042585 Nigeria
6044995 Brunei
6043432 Brunei
6044887 Brunei
6044933 Brunei
6042632 Malaysia
6045413 Nigeria
6045173 Indonesia
6044749 Brunei
6040180 Malaysia
6032680 Indonesia
6045289 Brunei
6045503 Malaysia
6045412 Malaysia
6045302 Malaysia
6045228 Malaysia
6043872 Malaysia
6041364 Brunei
6041837 Malaysia
6044632 Brunei
6044918 Brunei
6028860 Malaysia
6044202 Malaysia
6044541 Malaysia
6045243 Brunei
6044773 Malaysia
6045299 Malaysia
6044363 Malaysia
6044352 Malaysia
6044764 Malaysia
6043625 Malaysia
6045373 Malaysia
6045384 Malaysia
6039305 Nigeria
6042854 Malaysia
6045514 Brunei
6045300 Malaysia
6041911 Brunei
6043875 Malaysia
6045314 Malaysia
6045313 Malaysia
6045298 Malaysia
6045337 Malaysia
6045327 Malaysia
6045311 Malaysia
6045366 Malaysia
6045371 Malaysia
6045370 Malaysia
6045390 Malaysia
6045305 Malaysia
6045342 Malaysia
6045396 Malaysia
6045341 Malaysia
6045414 Indonesia
6045309 Malaysia
6045351 Malaysia
6045257 Nigeria
6045426 Malaysia
6045385 Malaysia
6045334 Malaysia
6045301 Malaysia
6045356 Malaysia
6045391 Malaysia
6045453 Malaysia
6045363 Malaysia
6045448 Malaysia
6045408 Malaysia
6045456 Malaysia
6045455 Malaysia
6045304 Malaysia
6015062 Thailand
6045167 Brunei
6045187 Brunei
6044390 Nigeria
6045174 Brunei
6045588 Malaysia
6045605 Malaysia
6045169 Brunei
6045189 Brunei
6045508 Malaysia
6044377 Malaysia
6044303 Malaysia
6044293 Malaysia
6034241 Indonesia
6045582 Brunei
6045543 Brunei
6044977 Nigeria
6045136 Brunei
6045246 Brunei
6045284 Nigeria
6007095 Malaysia
6044408 Indonesia
6044982 Nigeria
6045061 Nigeria
6045227 Brunei
6045251 Nigeria
6045295 Nigeria
6045288 Nigeria
6044761 Nigeria
6045318 Brunei
6045317 Brunei
6045312 Brunei
6045310 Brunei
6031697 Malaysia
6045406 Indonesia
6045434 Brunei
6045496 Malaysia
6045491 Indonesia
6045516 Brunei
6045493 Brunei
6045457 Malaysia
6045468 Brunei
6045553 Brunei
6045539 Malaysia
6045452 Malaysia
6045586 Malaysia
6045562 Malaysia
6045415 Brunei
6045509 Malaysia
6045519 Malaysia
6045558 Nigeria
6043788 Brunei
6045294 Malaysia
6044077 Malaysia
6044288 Malaysia
6043193 Malaysia
6041670 Malaysia
6041051 Malaysia
6044608 Malaysia
6044124 Malaysia
6041457 Brunei
6044519 Malaysia
6044706 Malaysia
6044359 Malaysia
6044148 Malaysia
6045260 Malaysia
6044442 Malaysia
6044349 Indonesia
6044252 Brunei
6045150 Malaysia
6043773 Malaysia
6044626 Malaysia
6044484 Malaysia
6044661 Malaysia
6045098 Malaysia
6043115 Brunei
6044328 Malaysia

Ramadan Giveaway Promotion Rules

1. General terms

  • 1.1. The organizer of the Ramadan Giveaway Promotion (hereinafter - the Promotion) is Tifia Markets Limited with registered address at G , registration number 40209, hereinafter referred to as Tifia, the Company, or the Promoter.
  • 1.2. Full list of the Company's Partners with addresses has been posted by the Organizer on www.tifia.com. The Company's Partners are the Company's Information Partners within the Promotion and may also be Prize Operators for the Promotion.
  • 1.3. The promotion is held from 00:00:01, 01.05.2018 (the start date of the Promotion) to 00:00:01, 14.06.2018 (the end date of the Promotion) - the Promotion Period (GMT+3 time, as seen in the trading platform).
  • 1.4. The complete information concerning the conditions (rules) of the Promotion has been posted by the Organizer on the promotion page https://tifia.com/contests/ramadan-giveaway
  • 1.5. The prize fund of this Promotion is formed from the Organizer's own funds. The prize fund of this Promotion is not formed by the sale of tickets or otherwise at the expense of the Participants' funds.

2. Participation conditions

  • 2.1. Persons eligible to participate in the Promotion are non-citizens of the United States, the EU, Japan, Canada, Israel, Belgium, Japan, and the Republic of Vanuatu who are Clients of Tifia Markets Limited (hereinafter referred to as Clients, Participants of the Promotion) and meet the following conditions:
    • 2.1.1. The Client has registered a personal cabinet on the Company's website - the Client’s personalized information space on the Company's website, which is in private access and provides the opportunity to use the Company's services. Login to the Client’s personal cabinet can be performed after registration on the Company's website and the authorization procedure.
    • 2.1.2. The Client has deposited funds to their trading accounts START (Micro), ECN Classic or ECN PRO (excluding deposits by transferring funds from other trading accounts opened with the Company, or by preliminary (from November 28, 2017) withdrawals from any accounts opened with the Company, including profits) during the Promotion period by one or several payments in the amount of USD 100 (one hundred US dollars).
    • 2.1.3. The Client has deposited funds to their accounts with one or several payments during the Promotion period so that the total amount of their deposits is equal to or more than USD 100 (one hundred US dollars) in one trading account.
  • 2.2. Registration of the Client’s account in the Promotion is automatic and controlled by our system.
  • 2.3. The participant has the right to register more than one account in the Promotion, thereby increasing their chances of winning the prize. However, the number of accounts within one Personal Cabinet cannot exceed 10 trading accounts.
  • 2.4. Any account can participate in the Promotion if total withdrawal amount for the Promotion period is less than the deposit amount.
  • 2.5. To receive the prize, the Promotion participants must trade actively. The total amount of lots on the trading account participating in the Promotion must amount to Deposit / 100, where Deposit is the amount of deposits from the moment of participation in the promotion up to the summing up of its results.

3. Trading conditions

  • 3.1. Participants can use trading advisers and trading strategies without restrictions.
  • 3.2. When calculating the volume, only trades with Forex Major, Forex Crosses, Forex Minor, Commodities, and Oil groups are considered.
  • 3.3. When calculating the total trading volume, equity coefficient is used, i.e. only trading with the client's own funds is taken into account (minus the amount traded with the company's bonus funds).
  • 3.4. For cent accounts START (Micro), the volume is 10 times larger.
  • 3.5. When calculating the total amount of closed positions, the following is not taken into consideration: - deleted and canceled pending orders;
    - hedged positions - full and partial locks (only the locked position will be included in the calculation, the locking one will not);
  • 3.6. The participant at any time can change the type of their trading account to Swap-Free (and vice versa) by contacting the Technical Support.
  • 3.7. All other trading conditions for participating accounts are similar to trading conditions for real trading accounts in the Company.

4. Selecting winners

  • 4.1. Accounts of Winners of the Promotion will be determined by randomly generating the last five digits of trading accounts.
  • 4.2. In case the account with the generated number does not participate in the Promotion and / or is not registered in the Company's accounts database, the winner is the account following it or preceding it.
  • 4.3. One and the same participant of the Promotion cannot be the winner of several prize places at once. In case the participant has already become a Winner within the Promotion, they do not take part in the drawing of the subsequent prize places.
  • 4.4. If several account numbers coincide with the generated number, the main prize will be given to the account holder with the largest deposit and the largest volume of closed trades.

5. Publication of results

  • 5.1. The statistics of countries and regions of the Promotion participants may be published.
  • 5.2. The account numbers of participants may be published.
  • 5.3. The results of the contest will be published on www.tifia.com, as well as in official social media posts of the Company and the Company's Partners, a number of news portals and media.

6. Publication of results

  • 6.1. The Promotion Prizes are distributed as follows, depending on the difference between total deposits and withdrawals (except for profit) on the account during the Promotion period:
    Deposit amount Lots Number of prizes Prize
    $100-$499 1-5 lots 50 Branded souvenir
    $500-$999 5-10 lots 10 JBL Clip + Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
    $1 000-$2 499 10-25 lots 15 Amazon Echo Plus
    $2 500-$4 999 25-50 lots 5 Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 HD8
    > $5 000 >=50 lots 2 Samsung Galaxy S9
  • 6.2. Only a Participant with a completely verified client profile can receive the prize.
  • 6.3. Winners of the Promotion shall agree with the Organizer by phone upon the date, time and place of receipt of the prize within 20 days after the announcement of the results of the Promotion and the drawing.
  • 6.4. After determining the trading accounts of the winners, the Organizer shall check the information on the Participants, as well as the legality of their participation in the Promotion in accordance with clauses 2.1. - 2.5. thereof. If any data is not genuine or the participant does not have the right to participate in the Promotion, the drawing is considered invalid.
  • 6.5. In case of violation of the procedure for prize receipt (no passport, or expired passport, etc.), the Organizer reserves the right to refuse to give the prize.
  • 6.6. Prizes can be received by winners in any office of the Company or Partners of the Company or be delivered anywhere in the world upon agreement with the winners.
  • 6.7. Prizes are handed to the Winners of the Promotion only upon presentation of their passport or other identity document and the signing of acceptance certificate with the following information in the certificate: full name of the participant, date of birth, identity document data, contact phone number, and zip code (mandatory). Failure to provide any of the above details automatically deprives the winner of the right to receive the prize.
  • 6.8. In case the Winner of the Promotion cannot receive the prize in person, the acceptance certificate can be drawn up for another person on the basis of a notarized power of attorney from the winner.
  • 6.9. Instead of the prize, alternatively the winner can choose to have the amount corresponding with the prize cost below credited to the trading account of the Client of the Company:
    Prize Amount credited to the trading account
    Branded souvenir $10
    JBL Clip + Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker $100
    Amazon Echo Plus $200
    Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 HD8 $300
    Samsung Galaxy S9 $1 000
    • 6.9.1. Prize money can be credited only to completely verified clients.
    • 6.9.2. Prize money can be withdrawn.
  • 6.10. The company reserves the right to request additional identification data when handing / crediting the prize.

7. Other conditions

  • 7.1. The Organizer shall take measures to protect data and information related to the Promotion against unauthorized access and does not have to provide information related to the Promotion to third parties.
  • 7.2. All disputes and disagreements that may arise in connection with the Promotion and its results shall be resolved through negotiations.
  • 7.3. Participation in the Promotion automatically implies familiarization and full consent of the Participants with the terms and rules of the Promotion.
  • 7.4. If the winner of the Promotion refuses to comply with all conditions and rules, their participation in the Promotion is subject to cancellation.
  • 7.5. Tifia has the right to refuse handing / crediting the prize without explaining the reasons, as well as in case of suspicion of violation of the rules, or if the winner refuses to verify their profile and provide additional identification data in accordance with clauses 6.2 and 6.9.
  • 7.6. Tifia has the right to change the terms of the contest at any time without special notice.
  • 7.7. Tifia reserves the right to use the information associated with prize accounts for promotional purposes and publish it in any information sources. The winners of the competition are invited to participate in advertising and marketing events held by Tifia, such as interviews, photo and video reports, press releases in the media about the competition. At the same time, Tifia Group of Companies undertakes not to distribute personal data of the winners (including the name) without their consent. If the winner refuses to participate in these events, Tifia Group of Companies has the right to change the list of winners and give the prize to the participant who took the next place in the overall rating.

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