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Tifia's working schedule during Christmas and New Year holidays

Dear Clients,

We inform you that Tifia's quoting schedule will be changed due to the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays.

Please be advised of the changes made to the working schedule of the company’s services and trading sessions:

Christmas holidays

Trading instrumentClose timeOpen time
FOREX pairs24/12/2018 23:59:5926/12/2018 00:00:00
Metals24/12/2018 20:00:0026/12/2018 01:00:00
AUS20024/12/2018 05:30:0027/12/2018 00:50:00
FDAX24/12/2018 23:59:5927/12/2018 01:05:00
IBEX3524/12/2018 15:00:0027/12/2018 10:00:00
SX5E24/12/2018 23:00:0027/12/2018 09:00:00
CAC24/12/2018 15:05:0027/12/2018 09:00:00
HK5024/12/2018 06:00:0027/12/2018 03:15:00
NI22524/12/2018 20:15:0026/12/2018 08:00:00
FTSE24/12/2018 14:50:0027/12/2018 03:00:00
NQ24/12/2018 20:15:0026/12/2018 08:00:00
YM24/12/2018 20:15:0026/12/2018 08:00:00
SPX24/12/2018 20:15:0026/12/2018 08:00:00
UKBrent24/12/2018 21:00:0026/12/2018 03:00:00
USCrude24/12/2018 20:45:0026/12/2018 07:00:00

New Year holidays

Trading instrumentClose timeOpen time
FOREX pairs31/12/2018 20:59:5902/01/2019 00:00:00
Metals31/12/2018 20:59:5902/01/2019 01:00:00
AUS20031/12/2018 05:30:0002/01/2019 00:50:00
FDAX31/12/2018 20:59:5902/01/2019 01:05:00
IBEX3531/12/2018 15:00:0002/01/2019 10:00:00
SX5E31/12/2018 20:59:5902/01/2019 09:00:00
CAC31/12/2018 15:05:0002/01/2019 09:00:00
HK5031/12/2018 06:00:0002/01/2019 03:15:00
NI22531/12/2018 20:59:0002/01/2019 08:00:00
FTSE31/12/2018 20:59:0002/01/2019 03:00:00
NQ31/12/2018 20:59:0002/01/2019 08:00:00
YM31/12/2018 20:59:0002/01/2019 08:00:00
SPX31/12/2018 20:59:0002/01/2019 08:00:00
UKBrent31/12/2018 20:59:0002/01/2019 03:00:00
USCrude31/12/2018 20:59:0002/01/2019 07:00:00

Please also pay attention to the changes made to the working schedule of the Tifia support and financial departments:

25.12.2018 - day off;
31.12.2018 - open till 13:00;
01.01.2019 - day off.

The server time GMT +2 indicated in the schedule corresponds to the time indicated in the Tifia's trading platform. Please take the above information into consideration while trading.

Best Regards
Tifia Team

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